Saturday, December 04, 2010

a few things

hello- ahoj- hola- salut!

it's hard to believe that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away!
10 days off work is just what I'd asked Santa; I'm sure glad he got it right.. swell guy!

I've finished working on the New English File project, and the online int and upper-int reading activities will hopefully go live next May.
Immensely enjoyed the process; as opposed to teaching in a school with continuous enrollment, that project had a beginning, a middle and an end, and I gotta say that it did help motivation-wise!
Anyway, I was thrilled to bits to try my hand at this and I'm hoping to do some reading to hone my writing skills! yep, it has sure made me appreciate the work that goes into the average multiple choice task!

I also did a translation for Very interesting and open process there as well: Join the translators' database and if you've enjoyed a talk and notice that there are no subtitles for it in your language, then you can request to translate it. The translating platform used is really user-friendly. When you're done, a reviewer has to check your work and make any necessary changes (collaboration between the translator and the reviewer is encouraged). There's no money involved but it has genuinely reconciled me with translating: i got to translate something I'm interested in, yeah!! take that contracts and manual guides!
One really neat thing you can use is the interactive transcript, i.e. you click on any sentence from the transcript and it takes you to that exact spot of the talk... (brilliant resource for language learners)
The talk is by Rob Forbes and is about urban design. Check it out, it's pretty cool!

A few interesting things coming up in Belfast:
this Sunday (05-12-10): Black Market @ Black Box- crafts, books, clothes, food, and BEW's bleep boxes!

Sunday 19-12-10: Black Books-( I'll be selling French and English books)

So brave the cold and come to the Black Box: Christmas shopping and mulled wine, not a bad combo!

One last thing and you can go back to your online Xmas shopping:
The online music magazine Vibrations posted a link to this Radiodiffusion music blog, and, oh my word, it's a wonderland of old, rare, weird, beautiful, melodic, different sounds; a free library of musics from Africa, the Middle-East and Asia. (I only found it about an hour ago and all i've been doing since then is telling everybody how awesome that website is.. so don't leave me hanging, go check it out!!)

wrap up and stay cosy!