Sunday, May 09, 2010

a blissful Sunday

After a maniac week and before another few to come, I've had a beautifully peaceful day which involved...

The Crescent Arts Centre are host of the adult electronic creche previously held in the Ulster Hall.
It takes place in the cafe on the ground floor. All the Sunday papers you could possibly want to read and more are available, and if you're in a playful mood, you can have a game of Wii.
Opened from 1 to 4p.m., the event is free of charge...

Today's creche saw local artist Barry Cullen perform a DJ set that suited both the space and the mood of the day. A great selection of chilled tunes!

(also, if you are going to make your way down to the Crescent, oh dear, you absolutely got to try the scones... without the shadow of a doubt the best in the city and beyond!)

Back home, watched Pedro Almodovar's classic Women on the Verge of a Nervous breakdown. Fantastic comedy... enough to make you go 'that's it, I'm definitely going to learn Spanish!' Some lough out loud moments topped by stunning shots; Almodovar's irreproachable sense of aesthetics strikes again, to the viewer's delight!
Highlights for the coming week include Chris Morris's Four Lions, a well overdue visit to the dentist, and just over 30 hours of teaching!
oh well, might spend the week running around like a headless chicken, but I've had a wonderfully blissful Sunday!

to all, have fun!


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