Friday, August 03, 2007

Druids bless Elvis!

Currently working on a summer school in North Dublin- I've been on a good few excursions over the last 5 weeks.. one of the 'highlights' was the Hill of Tara, which I had thought to be fairly dull until 'County Meath Elvis' and his compadre arrived spreading the love and freaking the kids out... the front man's not really to be admired for his guitar playing dexterity but, oh man, does he have soul.... and humour!
Visited loads of other places, all to be found in any (absolutely any) tourist guide for Dublin...

Thanks to Barry's sister Grainne, we got to spend a couple of days in Clogherhead, located just off Termonfeckin... (once you say that name out loud, you can't get enough of it... 'termonfeckin, termonfeckin.... well, thats enough now..)

and there again, walking on the beach, you get to wonder: what are some folks on about?
Totally un-green, but it does make for a picture I like!

Indeed, television's bad, but man, drop it somewhere else!

Had an amazing time at the last Dry County show.... oh, some hot dancing had!
Sorry I can't link to the band's Myspace (I'm staying in a boarding house by the school, and there's some kind of parental control that won't give access to most sites... is my soul any more healthy for that? i doubt it... imagination's far worse than facebook, innit?)
anyway, here's a link to a nialler9's blog entry dedicated to dry county, (that blog is just brilliant by the way..) wee pix of Sir Porter, photograph by BEW

also had the pleasure of going back to belfast last weekend, where BEW performed on both evenings.. I was at the Black Box (always a good venue) and did some dancing to some very, very dirty but oh so hot beats!! for more details, go straight to
Pictures to be seen there as well.

During that weekend, Conal and I drove to Brown's Bay, walked around for a bit, which was fresh and calm...
We headed to the Gobbins after that, and that was simply splendid... I seriously doubt that any descriptions or photographs could do the place justice.. simply astonishing!!!!
don't you just love it when Nature takes over and leaves you contemplating, breathless??!!!
A very inspiring place, with a real eerie atmosphere, something in the air, in the ground, in the sea, or in the stones, I couldn't say, but definitely a very special feeling..

so please people, by all means, don't you go dump your nasty rubbish out there....

Rock on
sing to the Sun God
leave a few coins in Elvis-from-Meath's cap

peace out


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