Sunday, November 26, 2006

immersion in the world of photocopying and cutting up...

it feels like it's been ages since I last blogged..
Time's been leading me rather than the other way around lately... stuff has to be done, a lot of, and a very small bubble's held my whole life in tight immersion for the last couple of... hum, not too sure...
so yeah, a lot of work, and when it's come to play, entertainement has unfolded in a series of happy moments, the kind you can neither predict nor take for granted, but ohhhh, that' s so good when it happens...
The force of nature Michele came over for a week. We certainly didn't have to wait long before the first adventure happened: Michele got on the wrong tram on the very first day and realising that she was short of all possible landmarks - phone, language, visual memory - she then walked back all the way, following the tram tracks that's taken her to this unknownarea. Needless to say, Barry and I did think some blood vessels were going to pop in our brains...... We eventually found each other at the flat after a couple of hours.
Joy and strong booze concluded the evening and the traumatic chapter of Michele's visit.
Monsieur Cullen, Earth Mother Michele and myself headed to Prague for a day trip.
As many others, I heard many extremely positive stories and acounts of visits in Prague, but nothing prepared me for such a photogenic city. And it wasn't even a matter of warm and dazzling summer day; this was on a full-on Autumn day... We had no planned itinerary so we walked around the Old and New town..the magic of it all is that some real wonders can be found in some totally unexpected corners and alleyways... We certainly had a full day of walking the streets with our heads up.. proper tourist trademark, I suppose...
So Prague happened to be a great destination for our wee fanily day trip..
But no doubt, Prague, I'm sure, must be a fabultastic destination when it comes to visiting art galleries, fancy cafes and traditional boozers..... to be contiued... I really hope to go back as soon as time and money come back from the enemy camp.

Other beautiful moment had this month: Barry's birthday and the BEW gig at Fleda. Not that I'm the most objective music critic when it comes to my other half's art, but hey man, no shit, i know what I like... and this set, oh I did enjoy very very much!! Got two albums there for B's birthday: a Czech band called Abuse, full of jazz, calm and electronics.... and a Slovak band called Poo... yes, I wasn't going to resist that, for sure!! more on the noise side of sounds.. drifty and mental according to my ears..

As for the latest laughing developments: Dress to Kill in Alcatraz by Eddie Izzard.. oh, that's really made my day everytime i've watched it, a bit too often that is.... might look like a weirdo, but beware of negative denominations, he makes it very clear; ain't no weirdo tranvestite, but he's an executive tranvestite... ah, that's more like it..
anyway, well-balanced version of history, from the birth of the Roman Empire to the future decline of the american one..... and the american audience laughed its head off: either aware or naive, well, the future will tell......

I think that's it for now,
I hope to be back on the blogging machine as soon as possible
hopefully with some good news or some good rant....
true enough, haven't been on a rant in quite a while now...

time to get my anger on...

until next time,
love yous

peace to you all


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