Sunday, September 17, 2006

une nouvelle terre d'accueil... News from the Apple green block

A week on in a new land,
and that land's warm, the city's rich of sensational facades,
it sometimes looks old and proud of its once grand presence,
it's sometimes new, freshly born of the side of modern urban design....

man, it's brilliant!!!
it's 0nly been a week and aready, left, right and centre,
heart, body and soul have flirted with new sounds, flavours and a new pace..
there's peace in the air,
work to be done,
encounters to be pursued,
and love to be had...

The material side of the installation's been so smooth it's kind of hard to believe, the flat's very big (SPARE ROOM: PLEASE VISIT!!) and well-furnished (wardrobes galore); it's a 15 minute walk to the centre and to the school... all good, all convenient..
As for the school, there are some really helpful and generous people on board... it does make a big difference and it's definitely enhanced the positive feling of having moved to Brno...
The teaching team's got a great variety of nationalities: Canadian, Scottish, Finnish, South African, English, Irish and the frog...
Well, the job's going to be a challenge (mostly high levels to teach.... time to polish off the idiom collection I learnt many moons ago and never ever used!!)...
but don't we just love challenges so much..

Butterflies in my stomach...
so much to this being alive business/ art/ epic...
breathing enough air to fill the lungs
so it can all last longer,
the doubts, the smiles, the winks, the sleepless episodes, the holidays..
time to send more letters,
make more love,
fear more wars,
dream more dreams,
good ones...

other things that have happened:

Biennale of Graphic Design in Brno.
4 sites offereing different perspectives on graphic design.
words for it: inspiring/ random/ diverse/ natural/ mechanical/ long/ exhaustive/ rich/ playful/ photography/ I bought a poster/ white cube (special wink to Conal for that.... if the lazy sod bothers reading this to this point!!!!)/ Andy Henry would love some of the work displayed, I think/

'Tits out' bar.
This is not a miracle, but it kinda looks like a Czech version of America.
Roughly: local dive in the centre.. one of the last boozers according to my boss.. old men at the bar (they've seen it all before)... the bar lady has a killer-mullet... they bring you cool pints before you've even finished your own one... and at 8 on a Friday, a waitress comes in, topless, American flag printed a tight pair of trousers.. and nobody seems to care.
no web link for that one.

an incredibly old lady.
She spoke some English to me after I told her I couldn't speak Czech (and a fact that is!). she looked so old. she had a very wide smile.
Hope she's got a blog.

already looking forward to tomorrow. First teaching day. I'll be teaching technical engineers. should be interesting.

have made none. sniff.
I like that sound. A LOT.
Also, listening to Moujikk's gotta be a good thing. And we want tio do good things for ourselves, don't we just..

Love you my dears,
peace out.


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