Saturday, November 03, 2007

he coughs collages

that of course makes no sense
and that's alright for now, let's face it, it's Saturday evening, autumn's definite;ly settled in, it's grey east west north and south
and yeah, it's kinda pissing me off, I suppose
cranky time of year for me and others for whom lack of natural light's an open doorway to dark shades of introspection....

anyhoos... time's passing so fast i feel i got no grip over it..
too busy to take time management classes or any smart arse's advice
but apart from spending too much time on the kind of trivial crap i usually thrive on, there have been some interesting -and needless to say time-consuming- experiences:
here's a quick summary:

- eating lunch and dinner in France- homecooking joy...
a fantastic week's holiday, time well spent, food well digested.. and even a quick visit to Belle-ile, and oh man, that's got to be a good thing... sea, sex, mussels and chips, and cycling cramps...
couldn't really ask for more, could you?!

- My Cup of Tea, a collage exhibition.
Organised by the Art Class of Luzanky, Brno. We all worked on our collages for about 4 lessons.. unsurprisingly enough, time was an issue here as well, as we didn't have so much of it.. the general theme was tea/ cup of tea..
it was the first time I worked from scratch, as opposed to remix an image. That was very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. The result could have done with more work, but respecting the time limit was quite a positive challenge too, as it can be quite difficult to put a full stop to a collage.
- visited Moravsky Krumlov at the end of October. The is pretty derelict but there's a wonderful charm to it. The rooms that are well-kept are all dedicated to the painter Alfons Mucha, known worldwide for his legacy in Art Nouveau. Yet, advertising posters portraying voluptuous women are not what the exhibition's mostly made of. Indeed, it focuses on the Slav Epic- a collection of 20 canvases of most impressive dimensions.... it's a long tale of oppression, fighting, fear and glory, all set in the Slavic countries of Europe. Most certainly worth a visit, for art and history (on arrival, you're handed a booklet that explains each and every painting. available in English, French etc.)

- Visited Vienna that same weekend- Home of some of the most classical architecture in Europe/ clean/ affluent/ very white.
Strolled down a flea market, which is always great for photographic opportunities...
Visited the Schiele exhibition in the Leopold Museum, which is part of a huge complex of museums called Museum Quartier.
This is a truly wonderful place to visit and get lost in.. only drawback.. exhibitions are about 9 euro a pop...

- Went looking for deers in a forest south of brno... unfortunately, the photographs are out of focus.. but it was fantastic to witness a whole herd of deers.. i don't think i had ever seen deers before... It made me feel very privileged... moreover, walking in the forest at this time of year is simply a treat, autumnal colours make for a stunning scenery!

- have been working on photographs. I'm hoping to exhibit them inthe near future in Brno. I'm just hoping that the print quality will be decent enough.. fingers crossed.. the images are on one of my picasa albums:
- not much happening since then, unfortunately.. very little time, and energy levels have been going down big time... it's time for vitamins I think!

hoping to be back soon
peace out


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