Tuesday, April 06, 2010

'Beurgeois'- a new French word

Reading the paper this morning, I came across a new French word- beurgeois.
It's so new my spellcheck is going 'whaa?'
What it means:
A beurgeois is a middle-class Muslim living in France.
It is a portmanteau word combining the words 'beur', which is verlan/ slang for a person of North African descent, and the word 'bourgeois', meaning affluent.

The article from the Guardian is quite interesting; it focuses on the buying power of the emerging young Muslim middle-class and  highlights the way supermarkets deal with it.
Conclusion: Halal meat is more widely available than ever and the language keeps on getting richer!

For more information/ pour plus d'informations:
(in French/ en fran├žais)


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