Sunday, May 02, 2010

Festival of Fools

The Festival of Fools is back in Belfast! Rejoice!!
This festival of street theatre brings us international acts rich in beauty and laughter...

Many acts, such as Rob Torres', don't use intelligible words, but rather comedic sounds...

Now, being a language teacher, I spend my time trying to teach people how to communicate in another language, set of values etc., but when I see an entire audience in stitches at the artist's latest gag, I can't really help wonder how redundant my job could be....

words are handy for sure, and I love them,  still I'm in awe when I see a person expressive enough to convey so much without uttering a sound!

if you're around, I urge you to go see the Decadence. All the way from St Petersburg, Mr. Pejo's Wandering Dolls will make you believe in magic the time of a unique procession from Cotton Court to the brand new St Anne's Square. It starts at 9p.m.

Smitten yet?
The Festival of Fools finishes on Monday. All performances are free, although you'll be kindly asked to donate some money towards the festival, whose future is at risk due to lack of funding.
All the info you could possibly need and more available at:

Fun, art, poetry and laughter for everybody... a weekend rich in 'waouh's!
Because words aren't everything!

Bring your friends, relatives, beaux and belles... and enjoy!


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