Thursday, July 27, 2006

no time for boogie.....

Very little time for words,
living under the regime of The Timetable,
the days are punctuated with signalled directions of action and responsibility,
you can't choose
and to my great disbelief,
it's stagnant,
no change, little movement,
that will account for the itchy feet and the craving brain...
but for now, no time for boogie......

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the tidiest village in Britain

it's been a long week,
a very long week indeed,
back to the sweat shop, as Benoit said... and that's mostly what it is...
there's loads of work to be done, loads of pressure to handle,

and here we are: in the wonderful world of EDUTAINMENT!!!!

well, I'll be there for another 5 weeks..
and then, back to Belfast,
and oh man, i can't wait!!!!! really. really excited about this,
baptism of baby Sorcha, seeing the beautiful people of Belfast again...

all this to look forward to...

in the meantime, gotta go to the dance workshop,

keep the hips moving baby