Sunday, January 16, 2011

fishy techno pants or why education as we know it is all wrong

happy new year all! / bonne annee a tous!
may 2011 be as magical as your wildest dreams!

Now, a few things I've found interesting this week:

- Channel 4 have been having their Big Fish Fight on this week. I was very surprised to find that there can still be some decent TV on thses days! Hugh Rivercottage's done some interesting programmes looking at the main isues surrounding fishing in the UK, and Jamie Oliver showed some really easy and cheap enough recipes... So, if like me, you bore yourself cooking the same stuff day in and day out, have a look at some these recipes...Nothing like well-oiled joints to start off 2011!!

- Ever feel the weight of the years when you're around kids? well, that's probably cos technology's evolving so fast that compared to today's kids, our childhood was filled by neanderthal toys .. as demonstrated by this clip from boing boing showing cute French-speaking kids try to make sense of gaming technology from the 1980
Really nicely done, in French with English speech bubble subtitles...

- and if you've always wanted to break loose from society's conventions, taking part in the no pants subway ride could be a good start! As shown by these video snipets, Le slip c'est chic!
quite liberating... although I've got to wonder why, of all seasons, they've decided to do in the midst of winter...

Now, because I'm a teacher, you won't blame me for giving you some homework, alright? it's for your sake, of course...
One of my students forwarded me that link and it's simply blown my mind.. beautifully animated, fascinating contents: it's time to change education paradigms!
There are some other inspiring presentations on the RSA youtube channel... Enjoy!

take care and have fun...


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