Monday, September 27, 2010

quick update

Hi all,

after that wonderful holiday in Canada, it's been real hard to get back to work... you leave thinking you'll get back feeling refreshed and motivated, but you come back resenting the alarm clock more than ever before...
It will have taken a while, but I think I'm almost cured from the back-to-work depression, just in time to get my Seasonal Affective Disorder on.. that's what I like to call perfect timing.
I was offered a writing gig a while back... been working on an online bank of EFL reading resources, involving selecting and editing texts, and designing accompanying tasks. It's fairly time-consuming but mega enjoyable! I've been looking at reading, from how ESL students read to how we teach or test their various skills...
well, you gotta get your kicks from somewhere!

let's finish this quick update by a real cute thing I've heard in class:
"teacher, I can't concentrate.. my mind is dancing in my head!"
When complimented on his lyricism, the student replied: "nobody else can use that, it's only me, it's my line".
can't think on what to write after that....
my neurones are breakdancing in my skull...


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