Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Winter diary - Zimni Denik

after months of silence, the boogie's back...

.. with my first solo photography exhibition 'A winter Diary' or in Czech 'Zimni Denik' (without the accents..).
The images will be up in Brno and more precisely in the Centre for free time in Luzanky from April 21st to May 11th.
There will be an opening at the same location on Monday, April 2I started it when I arrived in Poland1st at 8p.m.
Provided the weather's good, we will have access to the gardens, where Barry will be playing some music. Large helpings of tea and wine will be provided!
I'm really looking forward to it.
it feels great doing something other than teaching! I'd almost forgotten I've got hobbies!You can find the photographs on exhibit by going to my Picasa

I started putting this album together about three years ago when I arrived in Poland and I've been collecting snaps since then.

The collection is called 'A Winter Diary'.
Winter is more often than not a period where we can reflect and get introspective... and hopefully feel cosy inside...
(we're far too busy drinking cool pints in beer gardens during the summer for this kind of stuff!)
I have always felt that winter, no matter how cold it may get, has a beautiful and calming quality to it, like a soft breeze whispering that it is all going to be ok... When I can spot this in landscapes, I get snapping, even at the height of the summer!

I'd like you to tell me which picture you like most by posting a comment at the end of this post.

... On some other news, the boogie is moving back to Northern Ireland in mid-June..
interesting times ahead!

lots of love
peace out

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