Tuesday, July 22, 2008

back to green

After three years spent in Poland and the Czech Republic, I have come back to Ireland. smile.
Because the time felt right,
because if you give too much time to people to forget you, they just might...
because family and friends are everything...
because I don't want to back to this scarily scruffy dentist ever again (the cheapest dental care I ever received, mind you..)...
because I want to try something new in terms of work beyond lesson planning!

I have attended the 'Go for it' set-up-your-own business course and found it really helpful.. it made the idea of starting a business a lot more achievable and concrete.
I am going to start a freelance language business, providing tuition in French and English as a foreign language (E.F.L) to young learners, teenagers and adults, as well as doing some translation.... It is very unlikely that I'll make a living from it, but not trying would be silly..
The business will be called 'wordsboogie' as i am terribly uncreative when it comes to finding names...
however, all suggestions welcome!

I also want to get into the community sector.. ideally, i'd ike to deliver different types of E.F.L workshops to ethnic minorities (via music, broadcasting, cooking, making crafts etc.)..
Ideally, because the reality of it is that there's no money there and that all the work is done on a voluntary basis, not that i have something against it, but it's useful to have a paid job in our modern world, innit?!
I'm going to look at different options, take the time it takes, and get somehting sorted I'm sure!!

I have felt so much support since I have come back, it's truly wonderful!!
I am very thankful and feel very lucky to know such beautiful people!

Fo now, I am now teaching at a residential international summer school in Dundalk...
saving some pennies and earning a few wrinkles!!!

models Fernando and Marina at the fashion show

A lot of stress but some good times had as well!! Managing ok, doing yoga every morning!! (i 've only recently started yoga but absolutely love it.... it's three in one, as much as kinder surprise is chocolate, a toy and a surprise, yoga is a sport, an art and a philosophy!!!)

Will head over to France mid-August to visit my dear aunt Jojo who's not too good at the moment and also to help mum who's up to her ears fighting a system that does not grant decent rights to people with heavy disabilities.
Big respect to you Mum!
I'll also get to see my dad who will have by then become a pensioner! Some rest and peace of mind well deserved!

Looking to go to the Glasgowbury festival this weekend.. the line-up's good and the company should be great, add a bit of good weather, and that's a bit of heaven you've got there!

Just finished reading Vertigo, the novel which inspired Alfred Hitchcock.. brilliant read, recommend it!

Time to go...

peace out