Saturday, April 01, 2006

Here's a view of the backyard, out the bedroom window. that was about 10 days ago, just before the big melt-down!
Snow is ususally responsible for this 'eery winter' sensation we get at the sight of the first snowflakes..
The first crack-crunching footsteps in the snow are the sonic highlight of the freezing cold season..
So, here I was, walking around, listening to the melodies hissing under my soles at the start of December.. loving it!!
After months of layers of fleece clothes, of ice everywhere, of falling on my bum under the apalled gaze of people, I kind of agree with an english man, who told us a couple of weeks ago, that "yeah, I love snow! especially when there's a window between it and me".... thought that was a fairly good summary!
Anyway, the tricherous ice is gone and my arsebone cam now heal in peace!


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